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BRS garage at Shenston Road.

The heavy haul lorry and plant, using Kibri plastic excavator / low loader kit, and a 'Trackside' diecast tractor unit. The tarmacadam machine is also by Kibri to 3.5mm scale, but fits into a 4mm scale scene relatively well.

At Fordham's on Hornsey Road, a Ford 3 axle delivery lorry is seen being unloaded at the milk depot (Modified Basetoys plastic model).

Bedford TK coal lorry at Easington Lane (EFE model).

Ford flatbed lorry at Easington Lane (Whitemetal kit).

A scratch-built Coles crane by Tony Wood, and a modified Corgi MAN lorry chassis with refrigerated box body.

Hymac excavator at work in the Morfa bank scrapyard.

Matchbox based Iron Fairy assisting with the dismantling of a rusting hulk.

A Wiking fork lift truck with added overhead guard and mesh.

Repainted Oxford Diecast milk floats, with a Crown pedestrian fork lift truck.