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Street scene at Shenston Road featuring a selection of road vehicles.

Burger van converted from a Matchbox diecast vehicle by Sara Harvey for Hornsey Road.

A Crown forklift truck, Oxford milk float and a whitemetal kit of a hi-top Commer van in PO telephones livery.

A car undergoing repair at Lewis Auto Repair near Morfa Bank Sidings......

..... and an Austin A35 up on the ramps.

A mark 1 Ford Cortina (Basetoys model).

Austin 1800 'Landcrab' (Minic plastic model from the 60s) with replacement wheels from a Carama Mini.

MGB GT (Carama).

E type Jaguar (Oxford Diecast).

A Ford Zephyr (Oxford Diecast).

A Ford Cortina mark 2 (Oxford Diecast), repainted with driver and vinyl roof, parked in front of a modified Bachmann building.

A Carama VW pick-up at Shenston Road.

Scrapyard at Shenston Road featuring Minic plastic models for ease of chopping and drilling.

Scrapyard at Shenston Road.

Scrapyard at Shenston Road.