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London Transport

London Transport Daimler Fleetlines type DMS (EFE models), seen outside Hornsey Broadway station.

On the outside, wing mirrors and new adverts have been added. The nearest bus has been detailed even further, to represent the earlier style front end.

Inside the model, passengers have been fitted upstairs and down, as well as a driver.

A London Transport Merlin (Britbus) populated with passengers.


West Midlands PTE / Birmingham.

Street scene at Shenston Road.

Birmingham bus and bus stop sign at Shenston Road.

Part of Shenston Road bus depot.


Click here to see a selection of West Yorkshire PTE constituent bus stop signs (Leeds, Bradford, Halifax & Huddersfield).      

West Yorkshire - PTE, NBC Woollen & Road Car Co.

A Marshall bodied Leyland Leopard of Yorkshire Woollen District (modified OOC diecast model).

West Yorkshire PTE liveried buses (all MTS plastic kits) 4199 - ex-Huddersfield AEC Regent 5, 2237 - ex_Bradford Daimler CVG6, and 2244 furthest away - ex-Bradford Leyland Titan PD3A/2.

A brace of West Yorkshire Road Car Company Bristol VRs (repainted EFE diecast models).

Leyland Nationals also in WYRCC colours (repainted EFE models).

A WYPTE ex-Bradford 33ft Daimler Fleetline with Alexander bodywork (modified ABC diecast model).

A WYRCC Bristol RE (EFE diecast) and a Bristol FS (MTS plastic kit).

Ex-Huddersfield Leyland Atlanteans (EFE models). The driver training adornment is printed paper stuck on the bodyside.

Huddersfiled Daimler (OOC), WYPTE Daimler (ABC), and 2 WYPTE Leyland Atlanteans (Dinky Toys diecast models).

WYPTE Metropolitan-Scania and Ribble Leyland Atlantean (both Britbus diecast models).

WYPTE Metrobus lveried Bristol VRs (repainted EFE models).

Yorkshire Woollen Marshall bodied Leyland Leopard.

MTS Bristol FS at Wibdenshaw.

Model Bus Company white metal kit of an Atlantean for Yorkshire Woollen.

A view showing some of the buses at Wibdenshaw depot.