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Shenston Road.

This pair of Heljan class 47s typify the early 1970s, with them both wearing two-tone green livery with full yellow ends (GFYE).

47091 'Thor' was a particular favourite, as it hauled a mystery trip (ending up at Margate), sometime during the mid '70s, and was in a filthy external condition.

Canada Road's 47088 Samson.

1665 (Heljan) Titan, is another Western Region favourite, and weathered to a photograph of it C1971. The bogies had undergone a recent fracture inspection by the look of things, quite a common feature on the class 47s at the time.

Heljan class 47s - Shenston Road.

D1669 'Python' (circa 1969/70) at Morfa Mawr. A Bachmann model, work included removing rivet detail around front windows, changing boiler port for this particular prototype, removing excess detail from bogie sideframes as this wasn't to be a class 57 and finally doing some detail work to backdate the tanks, which I was lucky to have a spare one from a Heljan model, so was just a case of swapping over. Name and works plates are from the excellent Shawplan range.

Shenston Road.

47207 (Lima) Bulmers of Hereford, by Paul James.

A Brush 4 hauling cokes at Shenston Road.

Canada Road's 47218 (Hornby) undergoing maintenance and fitting of new cooling fans.

47229 (ViTrains) - Shenston Road.

47229 - Shenston Road.

Brush 4 number 1720 (Heljan) - Shenston Road.

Two-tone green 47 367 (Hornby), with the completed fan and underframe enhancements, is shown running on Wibdenshaw.

47450 (ViTrains) - Shenston Road.

A Brush type 4 number 1665 Titan (Heljan), hauling Leathers Chemical tanks - Shenston Road.

ETH fitted 47465 (Lima).

ETH fitted 47465 (Lima) at Wibdenshaw parcels depot.

47527 (Lima) - Wibdenshaw.

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