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TYPE 4 MAIN LINE LOCOMOTIVES (Class 50 to Class 53)

Class 50

50013 at Shenston Road (Hornby).

50017 at Shenston Road (Hornby).

50041 at Wibdenshaw (Hornby).

Class 50 hauling a dead electric at Shenston Road (Hornby).

A line-up of class 50s at Shenston Road (Hornby).

50034 - a Lima based model by Paul James.

Class 52 (WESTERN)

D1000 Western Enterprise at Shenston Road (Heljan).

D1000 Western Enterprise at Shenston Road (Dapol).

D1007 Western Talisman at Shenston Road (Heljan).

One for the album - a trio of Westerns await their next turn of duty. D1012 Western Firebrand in maroon with FYE, D1046 Western Marquis in maroon SYP, and D1017 Western Warrior in blue with SYP (all Heljan).

D1015 Western Champion at Wibdenshaw (Heljan).

D1022 Western Sentinel - Shenston Road (Heljan).

D1022 Western Sentinel - Shenston Road (Heljan).

D1033 Western Trooper at Hornsey Broadway (Dapol).

D1033 at Shenston Road (Dapol).

D1039 Western King - Shenston Road (Heljan).

D1047 Western Lord - Shenston Road (Heljan).

D1047 Western Lord - Shenston Road (Dapol).

D1056 'Western Sultan' (c 1969) at Morfa Mawr. Although the Heljan model has been heavily criticized, it is still by far the best model to start detailing and although it still has a few issues hopefully It'll pass a Western to most modellers. Work carried out included removing horn cowls with a razor saw, once done the cab roof and the offending peak could be filed to a more pleasing curvature, before the horn cowls were refitted. The fan grilles were replaced with etched replacements from Shawplan, but the original Heljan walkways were retained, the front valances were modified using the whitemetal replacements from Shawplan, whilst the buffers are from Craftsman Models. The brake gear used the brake shoes from the Heljan kit, but using brass for the brake linkages, this has given more turning circle than standard and although It wouldn't go around the tightest of radius's, It's more than ample for my needs, I do have a set of Brassmaster etching's which I may look at using part of for the next loco. Wheels are from Black Beetle with the four holes drilled out in each wheel, although the Ultrascale conversion would be a much easier route, but these were to hand at the time and have done the job just as well. Name and numberplates are again from Shawplan.

Canada Road's D1059 Western Empire on Mike Anson's Western Road depot.

Shenston Road (Heljan).

Class 53

1200 'Falcon' (circa 1973/4) at Morfa Mawr. A Hejan model with additional detail work, such as removing mould lines, fitting handrails on roof panels, moving placement of hole just below exhaust ports slightly, fitting front valances directly to body and fitting angled chassis members from valance to just below the cab doors, this also involved fileing some of the chassis away to allow clearance for the body to still be fitted. Other work included subtle changes to the cab fronts and flush glazing the front windows, fitting a grill on one side where the middle engine room window once was, a modification done when the loco received it's BR blue livery at Swindon Works. Finally the tanks were cut up and modified with bits of plasticard too make them look more prototypical. Falcon crests and works plates were from Fox Transfers and Romford 14mm wheels were used to regauge the loco to EM.

D1200 Falcon - Shenston Road.

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