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The Bachmann brake van project is about half way through at the moment. Several have been weathered and fitted with tail lamps, but still need numbering and other transfers.

Some have tail lamps arranged to represent an unfitted train. The Airfix kit is quite accurate and matches closley the Bachmann offering, so I am fitting some Airfix bodies to the old Mainline chassis as well.

The last few remaining Airfix brake van kits have been taken off the shelf and made up to fit on some old redundant Mainline BV chassis.

This view shows some of the finished brake vans, consisting of 4 Airfix / Mainline hybrids, and 3 early style Bachmann versions.

Two of the Airfix vans have been fitted with replacement roller bearings, oleo buffers and branded with through air pipe yellow panels.

A bit of permanant way work is being carried out at the station, with the removal of a redundant facing crossover, which will be replaced by straight track for platforms 4 & 5.

This view shows a NE brake van on the left (modified Bachmann model with improved handrails), and a modified Airfix model to the right, which has been upgraded with new handrails, corrected roof detail, and tail lamps to show an unfitted train. For some reason Airfix moulded the roof stove pipe in mirror position, but apart from that, it is an excellent basis for a BR standard brake van at a fraction of the cost.

BR brake van by Karl Crowther for Hebble Vale Goods. Airfix kit with a Dave Bradwell replacement etched chassis (as featured in MRJ Issues 211 & 212).

This and the following couple of photographs show other Airfix kit brake vans built by Pete Johnson for Canada Road.

Canada Road

Canada Road

Canada Road

Canada Road ex-LMS brake van.

Canada Road ex-LMS brake van.

Canada Road & Hartburn regular - ex-LNER brake van.

And from the Shenston Road fleet, here are a few examples detailed and finished by Greg Brookes.

Shenston Road BR ballast plough brake.

Shenston Road stone pool brake van.

Shenston Road.

Shenston Road.

Here's a couple of finished by Hywel Thomas for Morfa Bank Sidings. A BR standard brake van, and a Stanier LMS version utilising the old Dapol model.



This trio of Diesel Brake Tenders have been scratchbuilt by Greg Brookes for Shenston Road, and represent the most common variants that were to be seen on British Railways.

With the introduction of fully fitted trains, these brake tenders were eventually phased out towards the end of the 1970s.

Another variant featuring BR1 bogies.