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by Steve Nicholls


Roath Goods is my long term P4 layout that is based in the Roath/Cathays suburbs of Cardiff, depicting a relatively small yard which acts as an interchange between the Welsh Capital and the Valleys. An overall view of the right hand end of the layout. Most of the recent work has concentrated on this end to date. Next tasks are to build finish the bridge abutments and then apply the 'Brains' lettering. It's hoped that as the trackbed is at eye-level, any rolling stock will be glimpsed between the various chimneys and TV aerials of the terraced houses in front.

A close-up of the terraced houses seen above. The house in the centre has had the front door modelled open and I'm slowing building the hall interior. The fronts of the terraced houses are just posed at present - the horrible join lines won't be there when I'm finished!

A view from the end of the street. The empty shop carcase will become a newsagent eventually, featuring all the suitable magazines from the era and a full interior (the staircase can just about be seen inside). The end of the row is just temporary - I've got a little something planned for the finished article. The underside of the bridge will also be fully detailed.

Trackplan - The original rough sketch for Roath, which featured a representation of the line upto Radyr. Since this was drawn the idea of the running line has been abolished as it just didn't look right when mocked up. Beside, it should of been double track to represent the 'Valley line' properly.

...... and some rolling stock.

5617 by Steve Nicholls, just one of the locos that will be featured on his 'Roath' layout. Based on the Hornby model and has received the correct exhaust ports and a partial repaint and weathering. Rewheeling was completed with the Ultrascale wheel sets, and all that's need to finish it off is ICM buffer beam pipes and coupling bars added.

A very quick project this one - a simple 'P4ing', loading and weathering of a Bachmann Diag. 1/072 sand wagon, all it needs now is some couplings.

Here's one of the first pieces of rolling stock that's approaching completion for Roath and a bit of a landmark as it's the first of many BR 12T vans. A Parkside body with bits from various other manufactures were used to model of of the examples with 3-piece ends. An ancient Airfix meat can also be seen in the corner of the photo - a fantastic kit for it's time. Both vans are just awaiting the vac cylinders, roves and couplings before being rolled out.

Further scenic work has been carried out on Roath, as shown in this view. The buildings in the background enhance the scene of this South Wales based layout.

As well as building up the rolling stock fleet on Roath, a slight digression has occured with the appearance of a 12ton van kit in gauge 3. Although out of the remit of this website, it does offer an interesting comparison against a 4mm version.

A Heljan Falcon can be seen trundling along the track at Roath. The houses in the foreground have been cast from resin, and typify the Cardiff street scene of the early 1970s. A familiar local brewery advertisment appears on the railway bridge