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by Pete Johnson


Canada Street portrays a small exchange sidings on the fringes of a docklands area. Short mixed trains arrive from the main network and exchange wagons with those held in the yard and dockside area. The shunting engine then trips individual consignments to local customers for unloading and loading.

The layout features a range of dockside buildings and quayside features, and owes its existance to my first layout Canada Road which was originally built in the early 1980s, and was displayed at several shows in and around the North-West of England during that period. The layout returned to exhibitions in 2002 after more than 15 years in storage, and a re-kindled interest in 60s and 70s freight operation. A full feature on the layout appeared in the 'Rail Express' magazine edition number 84, and a pictorial feature appeared in the 'Model Railway Journal' number 146.

As a replacement, Canada Street has been built to a much larger format with many new mill buildings and cobbled dockside rail. Details of its construction can be found on the regular update pages.

The period 1960 to 1979 is covered by the complete operating sequence, and a full day at an exhibition will typically see five different shunters with many mainline engine types running at various times.

Views of Canada Road, and locos on Alloa Goods