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by Hywel Thomas


Morfa Bank Sidings are situated in the Port Talbot docks area of South Wales, and the era portrayed is circa 1972.

The layout features an exchange yard between BR and BSC, with a private line on a lower level serving an export quay for finished steel products.

A scrapyard, ingot mould foundry and a resin plant complete the scene.

Update on the Morfa Bank Sidings Coil wagons by Hywel Thomas. This one, still to have a bit more weathering done, is coded 'K Coil VB'. The finished hoods used a 10-thou plastic covering over a strip framework. Onto this went fine tissue paper layers.

A view of the Glamoric Resins factory yard sees a pick-up vehicle being loaded with 45 gallon drums.

Whilst the camera was out at Morfa Bank Sidings, a few photos were taken by Hywel, including this view looking towards the quay. The scrap shears are on the right beneath the overhead crane, with a pile of cut scrap between them and the rail loading siding.

Looking from the quay towards the ingot mould loading bay. The scrapped class 04 hides in the background, hoping to avoid the cutting crews.

Wagons await loading on the quay. The yard staff will move them within range of the crane using the capstan. Hopefully the bike won't be needed to get someone home tonight.

Staff discuss the next move with the old trawler 'Nikka', already partially demolished. The generator that supplies power to the shears sits above the former dry dock caisson, redundant since the dock was filled in.

The BSC ingot mould foundry dominates the background of the yard. The gloom within suggests that no casting is underway at the moment.

The Morfa Bank Sidings gallery is featured below - Please click on a thumbnail to view the larger image.