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HEBBLE VALE GOODS     by Karl Crowther



The layout is a nostalgia trip back to 1970s Halifax, an interest in the area and period reawakened initially by Kier’s atmospheric Wibdenshaw. Then, it was Pete Johnson, Ian Manderson and Tony Wood’s “The Brewery” that led to the idea of a small shunting layout based very loosely on the area around North Bridge Station on the former GNR route via Queensbury to Bradford. Commenced in 2008 and still under construction this image gives a good overall impression of the scene being created.


One end of the layout is dominated by a set of coal drops inspired by those of similar pattern from Halifax (Town) and Sowerby Bridge stations. The entrance gate to the coal yard is from Halifax and of note is the woodwork still in ‘steam era’ colours. The stonework has been created using Wills sheets and painted with Humbrol enamels. Further detailing of the ground – coal dust, vegetation and general detritus is to follow, but this hopefully gives some idea of where it’s heading.


Dominating the centre front of the layout is this impressive set of steps leading to a pedestrian overbridge (with an almost equally steep ramp the other side). This is pure North Bridge and is a scene I’ve harboured a desire to create in model form since being a teenager. There is still much small detail to add – lamp posts, bus stops, street signage, weeds etc. but I’m really pleased with the overall appearance of the stonework.


The Class 03 shunters were used in the area on these sorts of duties rather than the more powerful Class 08. Namely, it appears to have been the 03's (slightly) higher top speed.


A sight unlikely to be seen again on the layout – heavy duty traction in the form of a pair of Healey Mills stablemates! 40197 was a renumber/weather job of a Bachmann model for a fellow member of the CFPS (40195 being my own upgrade of a Lima bodyshell with one of the original Bachmann mechanisms). It was quite a revelation to see the pair together as despite all my work on the Lima one, the current Bachmann model really captures the ‘essence’ of the class. One thing that stands out a mile on 40195 is the lack of recess on the radiator grille, something I may try and sort out at some point.


a view of the layout sans trains, illustrating some of the vegetation and lineside clutter that is helping to make the layout look that bit more complete.