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EAST LODGE     by Alan Dewey



A Cravens 2 car DMU leaves East Lodge past the jam factory.


On it's last revenue earning trip, the North British Type 1 passes by the crossing keepers cottage. A Hornby Class 29 originally, modified now to a Class 21 in TOPS coding (a modern term!) and running on ultrascale wheels. These locos worked in East Anglia, not just around Kings Cross on the GNR and were banished to Scotland in 1960.


Experimental liveried D5579 in 'orange' arrives at East Lodge with a Gresley 2 coach articulated set. The Brush Type 2 is a Lima model on Ultrascale wheels with the coaches much modified Ian Kirk kits. I originally thought the blue version D5578 would be easier on the lining front, but there wasn't any. Without the 2 band lining there was a high chance that the blue would be as the 80s era, although a differing shade.


East Lodge depicts the Great Eastern Railway scene in the Braintree area. My interest in 1865 style buildings (still standing today), led me to look at prototype layouts that could offer a realistic compromise owing to space.


Located on the Braintree to Bishops Stortford line, featuring small buildings and a banana-ripening shed.


The jam factory complex is served by British Railways with internal shunting by the owner’s fleet of small industrial engines or diesels on hire. Diesels now serve the station on this branchline byway in Essex, hanging on until road competition finishes another rural setting.


The baseboard construction is of 4mm plywood beams and tops, easy to build with 100mm deep strips, glue and a knife. Trackwork is plywood sleepers riveted and cosmetically covered by C&L chairs, as are the electrical connections for cab control by Modellex Units. Landscaping follows the principals of ‘Petherick’, a layout inspiration for many to aspire to. Magazine articles: Rail Express Modelling Supplement & BRM. Photographs courtesy of Tony Wright (BRM magazine) & Barry Norman.