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Some detail pictures of a 2 car class 101 Metropolitan Cammell DMU at the Cambrian Rly Soc, Llynclys, Shropshire, and show details from a ex-BR(E) power twin, and a ex-BR(M) power trailer combo. Both have the 1976 refurb' applied, but have been restored in green livery.


1) Ex-eastern region class 101 buffer beam detail.

2) Ditto.

3) Speedometer cable beneath driver's door.

4) Driver's door.

5) Underframe sequence No.1 (3 views showing driver's side arrangement).

6) Underframe sequence No.2 this is the post-refurb exhaust pattern with the vertical pot added.

7) Underframe sequence No.3 pre-refurb a cylindrical exhaust box was often fitted in this section.

8) Gangway + Guard's door - Oleo pattern buffers are a refurb addition.

9) Underframe sequence No.1 - secondman's side - post-refurb bodyside grill and exhaust with the vertical pot added.

10) Underframe sequence No.2 - secondman's side - Battery box and coolant filler.

11) Cab.

12) Cab (taken through a rain dotted window!).

13) 2nd class seating.

14) Cab - secondman's position (not sure how much this was changed during refurb?).

15) Vac Brake cylinder on Driving Trailer Car.

17) Door window sticker.

18) Ex-midland region (Chester) buffer beam showing BR(M) style lower RH pipe mounting, post-refurb centre headlight and oleo buffers.

19) Driving Trailer Car battery box.

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