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The following drawings show the detail differences to the LMS BG, all noted during 1981.


The following drawings and photographs have been compiled by Paul James, showing some of the later modifications to the bodyside ribbing and patching where applicable. The photographs and notes were taken in the early 1980's, towards the end of their revenue earning lives. If you have arrived at this page from another link, click on the BR double arrow above to visit the homepage and index.

A generic template highlighting later changes to the ex LMS BG (brake gangwayed), with regard to ribbing and patching. This pages shows various photographs and line drawings of the subject, whilst page 2 shows more drawings featuring the later modifications. Page 2 & more drawings

Detail notes for LMS BG M31095M (Circa 1981)

Useful notes on the LMS 50 ft BG, as seen in 1981.

M31339M noted January 1981 with no guttering along edge of roof except over doors (see above photograph).

M31203M was noted in July 1981 with plain sides and patched roof and still fitted with a stove.

The following vehicles were noted with plain sides (Roof unknown); M31021M, M30989M, M31319M.

The following vehicles were noted in with plain sides and ribbed roof: M31020M, M31023M, M31031M, M31087M, M31112M, M31119M, M31161M, M31197M.

The following vehicles were noted with plain sides and plain roof: M31124M, M31211M, M31220M, M31281M, M31298M, M31305M, M31345M, M31346M, M31352M, M31373M, M31376M, M31397M, M31403M.

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The drawings and photographs on this page are courtesy of Paul James (August 2006).