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TWO TIER E96286 - E96299  

This page details notes and photographs on the Newton & Chamber car carriers.

Built by Newton and Chambers in 1961-2, these 14 vehicles remained unique at 60ft over headstocks, (64’ 1” over buffers) and unique 6’ 9” Wheelbase bogies.

They were designed to carry 6 cars, 2 in a well between the bogies, and 4 on the upper deck with a maximum load of 12 tons.

These vehicles would normally only be found on Anglo Scottish trains, originating in later years at Kings Cross, even though they were fitted and registered to UIC standards to work onto the continent.
Bradford Barton 'BR Diesels in Action 3' shows 4 of these vehicles in the 12.40 Newton Abbott to Sheffield 'Motorailer' train at Dawlish in 1971, the rest of the train being made up of mark 1 coaches.

The vehicles were vacuum braked and steam piped from new, and by 1976 the following were noted with through ETH - E96290, E96297, E96298, E96299E.

Most, if not all, were fitted with through ETH by 1982, when the mark 3 sleeping coaches were introduced.

Their main use was on the overnight Scottish sleeper trains, and this resulted them being converted to dual braking.

By 1986 only 5 vehicles were left in service, E96290, E96291, E96294, E96295, and E96299E - all dual braked, steam piped, and through ETH wired.

Originally coded TCV under TOPS, they later became NVV, and finaly NVX.

Originally the livery was lined maroon with grey roof, black and maroon ends and lettered “EASTERN REGION CAR TRANSPORTER” along the side. They later carried the corporate blue & grey livery and were branded Motorail.

The information and photographs on this page are courtesy of Paul James.