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When using proprietry Jackson wheels (14mm coach disc) to convert the Western loco to EM gauge, it lacks the characteristics of the prototype, without having the four holes visible.

The following photographs show a simple jig, which has been made from an old brass loco wheel, and fits nicely inside the rim of the wheel to be modified. Four equi-distant holes are drilled into it, and a steel pin fitted to one hole, which protrudes out slightly.

The photograph below shows the wheel before modification.

Now with the jig fitted into the wheel, a hole is drilled through the wheel, using any one of the holes in the jig. The jig is then turned around, so that the pin engages into the drilled hole.

The drilling process is repeated, until all 4 holes are done, the jig removed, and the pinpoint is cut and filed off flush.

Once cleaned, fettled and painted, the finished items can be seen below, and fitted to the loco.