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Previous projects by Keith Trueman

Fresh into a new EM gauge layout project, Keith Trueman shows some of his previous HO layouts and modelling projects. Living in Brisbane, the themes have been based on Australian practice up until now, so the new EM British outline project will be a challenge. This familiar looking 350HP loco carries Australia's Victorian Railways livery.

My first layout 'Broadford' (27' x 14') I built in 1985 and is a multi track main line corridor, so running scale length trains was able to be enjoyed. It is set in the 1985-86 period, and is a copy of the actual location. Up to the minute modelling per se!

The second layout 'Loch' (23" x 8') is on a single branch in the lusher parts of South eastern Victoria. I built this one in 1994, and it was mainly as an exercise to do some scenic modelling to try out my skills in this area. All the trees were hand made after seeing those made by George Iliffe Stokes, and others from MRJ, but using slightly different materials to suit.

It is amazing how much I learned about trees, and have appreciated their beauty even more since. The trees on Broadford were horrible, however! Just twigs with pillow acrylic wading cover in dried tea leaves. Early lazy days!

Both layouts are to H0 scale. The rolling stock on Loch was also mainly kit built, as were the locos. The structures, again being scratch built from prototype drawings.

This and the following photographs show further views of both layouts (and other projects), but in no particular order.

Built from a Langley Models 4mm scale white metal kit.

It is a 1947 AEC Mammouth Major eight wheeler, and I built to depict the very lorry that my Dad once drove, in England. Registration plates are however, bogus!

A few pics to basically illustrate progress steps of the building up of my Britannia aircraft model. It is 1/96 scale with a wing span of about 18 inches. The original kit came from the former Frog Models 1950's tooling later purchased by a Russian firm when the UK base company collapsed.

The Britannia model I wanted to depict is of the later 300 series with extended intercontinental longer fuselage. The kit only providing for the original 100 series shorter version.

Cuts had to be worked out and plugs inserted fore and aft of the wings.

Then 1/144 scale decals of the British Eagle legends had to be remade, and clarity improved. Here it is seen now finished, and the project was a lot of fun to do. It finally gave me the model I had wanted ever since I was a young lad.

There is also a funny story behind the project which involved another airliner modeller I met through eBay about five years ago. He lives in Townsville which is about 1500kms north from Brisbane. We have never met in person, but we both built this same model project over the internet. He built his as Canadian Pacific version, and I, the B.E version.