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BR SWINDON CLASS 123 DMU   -   Paul James


A 4 car Inter-City class 123 DMU enters Wibdenshaw station on a filling in turn. These units were built at BR Swindon Works in the early 1960s for services out of Paddington, and after a short period of storage in the late 1970s, were then transferred to Botanic Gardens depot in Hull to work with the Trans-Pennine class 124 units.

Along with drawings and the background history of the class, this is one of the many images that have helped with the project.

This project uses the Bachmann mark 1 coach as a starting point, and the 64ft DMU coaches had shallower windows with no underframe trussing. To replicate this feature, the window apertures have been fitted with plasticard fillets to reduce their height.

The removable sides of the coach have made conversion work much easier, and this view shows the modified sides masked ready for repainting.

The TS and TC vehicles are similar in layout to the standard mark 1 coaches, but the driving end vehicles require extensive modifications to the window, door and brake compartment layout. The existing glazing is retained, and cut down to match the modified window apertures.

This shows the bodywork of the DMBS starting to take shape, utilising part of a BG as the basis for the model. The cast whitemetal cab ends are by MTK, although the width needs some attention to make it compatible with the Bachmann coach side profile. The drivers cabside window is marked up (but not yet cut out), as the final positioning is dependant on the fit of the whitemetal front.

Traction for the 4 car set is by means of a Tenshodo motor bogie, with additional weight hidden in the lavatory area. This has been fitted into the TC vehicle to allow better bi-directional running, as limited clearance problems were encountered near the cab of the DMBS with the motor mounting.

The first view of the fully assembled rake seen here at Shenston Road on running trials. All vehicles have been fitted with B4 bogies and EM wheelsets. The passenger section windows are still full height on the DMS, and will be reduced in height to match those in the already modified TS and TC.

This is the TS vehicle which can be ommitted from the set when running as a BR(W) 3 car unit. When in use on Wibdenshaw (post 1977), it will be used in either the class 123 or the Trans-Pennine class 124.

The DMBS cab is grafted to the Bachmann roof section, and makes for easy dismantling and re-assembly. Whilst the sides are in the paintshop, work will continue on the underframes and other underslung equipment.

The coach sides are shown here after painting the blue / grey livery by Greg Brookes, and once the paint has hardened the white lining will be applied.

Showing the TC assembled, glazed, and with some underframe detailing.

The DMS in a similar state, with lettering and some detailing still required.

The other side of the DMS, showing the underframe detail.

The set in service and seen on the approaches to Wibdenshaw.

This and the following images showing detail shots of the driving end vehicles.