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Signalling at Wibdenshaw

This view looking south shows the 3 aspect colour light UL1 at green, on the up-Leeds track approaching the station, and is framed by a semaphore signal gantry DLP1 at Pudsey Junction. The station area was one of the many 1950s re-signalling schemes, whilst the junction to the north has yet to be cleared of its mechanical signals.

This plan drawn by Paul James shows the signalling arrangement and temporary identification numbers (denoting the references to 'up' 'down' 'Leeds' 'Bradford' 'Goods Loop', etc).

A closer view of signal UL1 at red, showing the theatre box mounted above, and the calling on signal and stencil below. The basis for all the colour light signals is the Econ kit, with additional parts scratchbuilt from plasticard. The 3 aspect heads use LEDs, whilst the other apparatus is non-working.

The double arm shunt signal (MSE parts) built by Paul James, replaces an earlier ground double disc. The upper arm is showing that it's safe for the goods yard shunter to pass, the lower arm is for access to the main line. To the right of the picture is UGL1, a 2 aspect colour light signal for the exit from the up goods loop. The up-Bradford signal UB1 is mounted on a bracket in the background.

UB1 also has a calling on signal with stencil box, but no theatre box is needed because of no route option available. Note the associated telephone mounted in a box on a post at track level.

From left to right, the rear of signals DL1, DB1 and BY1 - the latter 2 having indicator feathers mounted on top of the signal heads.

A view of the same signals looking north. Both DB1 (orange aspect) and BY1 (red aspect), have calling on signals with stencil box. A ground signal can be seen between platforms 2 & 3 and is used for shunting moves on the up-Bradford track.

The down-Leeds approach to Pudsey Junction showing gantry DLP1, the lower arm is for the crossover onto the down-Bradford line. This is a modified Ratio signal kit, the linkages being worked by ex-GPO telephone relays.

A rear view of the up-Bradford signal UPJ1 at Pudsey Junction (another Ratio kit). It was quite common for this particular type of distant arm be worked by a servo motor, and interlocked with the green aspect of the next signal. The home and fixed-distant signal arms to the right are for the cross-over to the up-Leeds line.