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All the Lima locomotives on Wibdenshaw are fitted with double motors to improve performance. Additional electrical pickups are fitted using brass wire in contact with the wheels.

Cut the brass wire to length and solder the connecting wire just off centre. The tricky part is being able to hold the wire in place, hold the soldering iron, and hold the solder with a third hand. Alternatively, hold in place on one of the screw heads with some blu-tac. Once the wire is soldered to the screw heads, bend down at either end to lightly touch the wheels. Trim to length if required.

This method of fitting extra pickups is quick and easy, but it is important for the brass wire and screw heads to be clean, so that the soldering is carried out quickly. Any longer than 2 seconds contact with the soldering iron, may cause damage to the nylon gears. File the surface of the screw heads with a needle file, and run the brass wire through some abrasive paper.

The wire needs to be routed over the motor housing, being careful not to get in the way of the gear train, and solder to the motor brush tag. The motor bogie will now be self powered without the need of trailing wires. Once in place in the chassis, the two motors can be connected electrically, for trouble free running and less chance of stalling.