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Class 55 (DELTIC)

9012 CREPELLO & 9009 ALYCIDON rest between duties at Hornsey Road depot. All the Deltic models featured are Bachmann unless stated.

Deltic heading south through Hornsey Broadway with the Up Yorkshire Pullman.

A large contingent of Deltics at Hornsey Road depot.

9002 The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry - Hornsey Road.

9002 The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry - Hornsey Road.

55011 The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers by Pete Johnson, at Wibdenshaw.

9017 The Durham Light Infantry by Greg Brookes, at Hornsey Road.

55019 Royal Highland Fusilier by Ian Manderson seen at Wibdenshaw.

55018 Ballymoss (Lima) - Wibdenshaw.

55021 - a Lima Deltic entering Holmeworth station with a Bradford bound train.

Class 56

56003 (Hornby) - Wibdenshaw.

56008 (Hornby) - Wibdenshaw.

56019 (Hornby) - Shenston Road.

56019 at Shenston Road.

A bit of 80s / 90s keeps creeping into frame.... this time in the shape of a Mainline class 56, and a Heljan 58020 'Doncaster Works' on the headshunt!

Hawker Siddeley HS4000

At Hornsey Road depot HS4000 Kestrel is seen resting between duties.

Class 73

73004 - Canada Road.

Class 86

E3173 being hauled by a class 50 through Shenston Road.

A class 87 (Lima) being hauled dead through Shenston Road.

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