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TYPE 4 MAIN LINE LOCOMOTIVES (Class 40 to Class 43)

Class 40

40001 (Lima) heads through Wibdenshaw with a northbound freightliner train.

Ian Manderson's 40061 at Easington Lane (Lima).

The Bradford Forster Square to Manchester Red Bank parcels at Wibdenshaw behind 40128 (Lima).

40 129 is based on the Lima product. After some adjustments to the pony-wheel set-ups this loco (and stablemate 40 118) gave stirling service during the Alexandra Palace appearance of Wibdenshaw. Re-inspired by this improved road-holding, plans to add etched fan grills to these two models are now progressing, and work on a third example has resumed.

English Electric type 4 number D337 (Bachmann) approaches Wibdenshaw with the Bradford to Manchester Red Bank parcels train (Bachmann).

337 at Shenston Road (Bachmann).

40146 at Pudsey Junction stabling point, Wibdenshaw (Lima).

40146 with sister 40001 - Wibdenshaw (Lima).

English Electric type 4 number 352 with a rake of Covhops heading south at Shenston Road, passing sister loco 342 in the loop with a rake of 24.5 ton wagons.

Canada Road - 40 179 pictured in progress OMWB many months ago but now finally completed. The Class 40 is modelled as it would have appeared after a run through the washer plant in 1975 when shedded at Healey Mills. Based on the old Lima ‘OO’ product, frost and fan grill details have been added from the Extreme Etchings range. The conversion to EM has made use of Ultrascale wheelsets, with several extra pick-ups added using 0,45 nickel silver wire (Lima).

A special excursion double headed by class 40s (Lima).

Class 42/43 (WARSHIP)

The re-work of Mainline Warship class 821 ‘Greyhound’. The loco is pictured with the Bachmann chassis and etched fan grills installed. The EM wheelsets are by Ultrascale, and really look the part next to the re-spaced brake gear. With much improved running qualities, this model should now see more frequent use on Canada Road.

D826 JUPITER at Hornsey (Bachmann).

D836 Powerful at Shenston Road (Bachmann).

D838 Rapid at Shenston Road (Bachmann).

D838 Rapid at Shenston Road (Bachmann).

Steve Harrod is normally associated with gauge 1 models for his 'Worcester Road' layout, but has spent time on some 4mm scale diesel hydraulics. Here's a Bachmann Warship model of D861 Vigilant, with extra detailing and weathering (Bachmann).

D861 Vigilant alongside D844 Spartan (Bachmann).

D844 Spartan weathered to 1968 condition (Bachmann).

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