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TYPE 3 MAIN LINE LOCOMOTIVES (Class 33 to Class 37)

Class 33

A pair of class 33 locos at BSC Shenston Road.

33203 sets off from Oldshaw with a freight train bound for Bristol.

Used for cross-London transfer freights, this class 33 is seen at Hornsey Road depot.

Shenston Road.

Canada Road's 33 028 complete except for some final light weathering. During the mid-1970s the Southern Region always seemed to turn out their locomotives in good condition, perhaps due to lower route miles run and their own dedicated locomotive works at Eastleigh.

Class 35 (HYMEK)

Starting off with a couple of images of the Shenston Road Hymeks.

Shenston Road.

7007 arrives at Morfa Mawr with a short freight train.

This Canada Road Hymek has been finished with heavy grime typical of the late1960s. D7005 was one of the small number of Hymeks which carried the 'green-with-small-yellow-panel' livery to the scrapyard, and was also one of the last examples in the fleet wearing this scheme.

Finished Heljan Hymek 7018 in early 1970s condition. The Shawplan etched loco numbers are a useful finishing touch, fixed using gloss varnish they are a real challenge to position and line up accurately! These numbers allow the authentic over-painting of the 'D' in blue, as became common after late 1968 when the use of the D prefix on the BR diesel fleet was officially dropped.

7076 was unusual in carrying vinyl numbers at one corner after severe crash damage in 1967. That cabside must have been jinxed as web photos show more scrape marks at the same corner several years later with the loco in rail blue, this damage has been added on the model.

Cabside detail on 7076, highlighting the etched numbers and worksplate available from Shawplan. The low level door handles have been made by embossing 80 thou plasticard with a heated offcut of thin brass bent into a U-shape and then filed to size at the two tips. The imprint produced is then carefully trimmed and filed to size to produce the framing surrounding the handle recess. Finally the completed piece is fitted into a rectangular hole drilled and filed into the door, and set to be just above flush. The miniature square file (2mmx2mm section) available from Squires and elsewhere is invaluable for finishing the small holes to the shape required.

These next 4 images show the Morfa Mawr Hymeks by Trevor Hale. Heljan made a lovely job of this, but there's always some detailing and customising to do on any model. Replacement buffers have been fitted, as have etched cooling fans and grills, and numbers / worksplates by 'Shawplan'. The cab windows have also been flushglazed to improve the front end appearance. This picture shows 7027 circa 1969.

Where appropriate, the fitting of lower cab door handles has been carried out, as shown here on D7007 circa 1970.

D7092 as seen fitted with ploughs circa 1969.

7070 poses by the road bridge in its 1968-1970 guise.

A brace of Hymeks on Mike Anson's Western Road Depot.

Class 37

Class 37 at Shenston Road (ViTrains).

Canada Road green class 37 based on the Bachmann model.

A general view of Canada Road's 37 046, also based on the Bachmann model. A Shawplan fan grill has been fitted, the side frost screens use Scalelink hexagon mesh, and wire has been used to represent the sand pipes onto the bogies. At the lower edge of the body the cut-outs have been revised to match photographs from the 70s.

37 046 again, the main change on the nose ends has been to correct the proportions of the headcode surrounds...although modified using plastic, a suitable brass etch may be available. Grab handles and lamp brackets have also been added or replaced using brass. The buffers have been lifted using a little plastic surgery.

6886 at Morfa Mawr (Bachmann).

6889 at Morfa Mawr (Bachmann).

6999 at Morfa Mawr (Bachmann).

37215 at Oldshaw (Bachmann).

6999 at Shenston Road (Bachmann).

37137 at Shenston Road (ViTrains).

37153 at Shenston Road (ViTrains).

6999 at Morfa Bank Sidings (Bachmann).

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