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TYPE 1 MAIN LINE LOCOMOTIVES (Class 14 to Class 20)

Class 14

Class 14 - Morfa Mawr D9508 (circa 1968). Heljan/Hattons model, a reasonable amount of work was carried out on this loco, but well worth the work I feel. The cut out on the buffer beam where the coupling came through was filled with plasticard and filler, but whilst I did this the buffer beam protrudes to far forward. So I have cut them off first and moved them and the front of the footplate back to a more prototypical position, this does mean you loose those ghastly working lights, but this was not a problem to me personally, I also filled the gap between the buffer beam and steps with a piece of plasticard, which seemed to be missing at one end. Other work carried out included moving up the rainstrip on the cab roof, smoothing the rivet detail around the cab windows to be less prominent and filling the indent on the engine room door, a modification not carried to all the class. Numbers were supplied by Cambridge Custom Transfers and the EM wheelset Is the Ultrascale conversion.

BR Swindon built class 14 - Canada Road, whitemetal kit.

Class 15

A brace of Heljan class 15 locos at Hornsey Road.

Another Canada Road loco, built from a Dave Alexander whitemetal kit, finished in green livery with full yellow ends and BR double arrow.

Pete Johnson - "Not my favourite material to work with, but only one small part got melted by mistake! The more I did, the easier it seemed to get".

Class 16

D8402 at Hornsey Broadway (Heljan)

D8402 again, on shed.

Canada Road class 16 - a Dave Alexander whitemetal kit.

Further details regarding construction can be found in the archive update pages.

Class 17

Clayton D8599 at Shenston Road. A weathered and detailed Heljan model.

Pete Johnson's D8567, a modified Techcad Clayton is seen shunting wagons at Easington Lane. The background buildings and cement silos were scratch-built by Steve Adcock.

D8567 at Canada Road.

Clayton D8567.

Class 20

A line-up of Bachmann class 20 locos at Pudsey Junction Stabling Point, Wibdenshaw.

20015 at Wibdenshaw (Bachmann).

Class 20 cab ends (Bachmann).

8077 awaiting the next turn of duty back to the home depot Toton.

Waiting in the goods loop at Shenston Road (Bachmann)

English Electric type 1 number 8145 on the headshunt at Pudsey Junction stabling point.

20176 at Wibdenshaw (Bachmann).

A van train heads south at Wibdenshaw behind a brace of class 20 (Bachmann).

A mix of Lima & Bachmann class 20s at Wibdenshaw.

At Shenston Road (Bachmann)

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