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BR Class 101 & 111 DMU


Prototype class 101 pictures (page 1)       Prototype class 101 pictures (page 2)      

To start the page off, here are a selection of Pete Johnson's class 101 DMUs, all having been modified from the Lima model with extra headcode lamps in plastic, wipers by MJT.

Early style class 101 DMBS & DMC with 4-lamp headcodes.

Chassis tray for the DMBS. After years of wagon modelling I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy painting fact it turned out to be fun!

Remember denim jackets with embroidered rock band names? A mid-70s fashion essential for heavy metal fans....I'll never forget overhearing two on a Sheffield-bound DMU discussing which washing powder worked best....rock on!

Bodyshell for my second 2-car class 101, a Chester based example in 1975/6. The windscreens have been flush glazed using 0,75 ABS, and the yellow stripe reapplied using Modelmaster transfers after removal of the full length rainstrip.

A detail view of the cut-and-shut guard's door replacement prior to top coat paint. The early batches of Met-Cam 101s had the doors reversed compared to the Lima/Hornby moulding. The new doors have been cut from the opposite side of a scrap bodyshell.

Front detail of the same bodyshell, showing the 4-lamp marker light arrangement, bodyside with rain-strip removed and the roof area where the radio box has been cut away and the missing roof ventilator restored.

A pair of Lima Class 101 2-car DMUs are also being worked on. The window detail on these models was possibly Lima's finest hour? They will both be finished in a mid-70s appearance, one for the Eastern Region, one for the London Midland.

To add life to the model some of the windows are being modelled open, this view shows work in progress. A drill and small square needle file are used, with a touch of silver paint still to be added.

Now a selection of class 101 DMUs by Paul James, in various liveries and combinations.

The second vehicle in this rake is a trailer buffet, and next to that is a motor brake second (modified from a Hornby centre car).

This combination has 3 powered vehicles..... no hanging around!

A closer view of the modified Hornby vehicle.

A driving motor composite heads the formation.

All vehicles have buckeye coupling fitted between the coaches, allowing a variety of formations.

Ian Manderson's green / blue 2 car set, seen on Easington Lane.

..... and now a blue/grey and blue combination.......

A typical 1970s 'all over blue set'.

Kier Hardy's class 111, modified from a Lima class 101 is seen at Shenston Road.

...... and again, going in the other direction.

Another view of the class 111 DMU on its home territory at Wibdenshaw. Detailed and weathered Hornby class 110s to the right.