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SHUNTING LOCOMOTIVES (Class 06 to Class 08)

Class 06

Barclay (later BR class 06) shunting at The Brewery (Scratchbuilt).

Canada Road's Barclay number D2444 (Scratchbuilt).

Barclay built BR class 06 (Scratchbuilt, Canada Road)

Class 06 shunting at Alloa Goods (Scratchbuilt).

Class 07

With the new 33/0 and 73/0 both finished, the shunter to work with them (scratchbuilt 07 010) also got some attention. Finer handrail knobs were fitted all round, and the running numbers were re-applied using Fox markings. On the bonnet top an access panel was also remade to the correct size and shape the original incorrect one being based on a very limited selection of photographs within the single reference book I had back in 1981 when the model was built.

Class 07 at Canada Road (Scratchbuilt).

D2998 at Wibdenshaw (Craftsman kit built by the late Monty Wells).

Class 08

D3036 on shed, with sisters D4040 and D3918 in the background en-route to works.

Wibdenshaw's 08098 (Bachmann).

Class 08 at Wibdenshaw (Bachmann).

08212 for Hartburn (Hornby).

Withdrawn class 08 (Bachmann).

Wibdenshaw 08432 at Shenston Road (Hornby).

Wibdenshaw 08766 at Shenston Road (Bachmann).

Class 08 number 3746 at Morfa Bank Sidings (Bachmann).

3748 at Shenston Road Gas Works (Bachmann).

Class 08 number 3748 at Shenston Road (Bachmann).

3748, 4118 & D4119 at Shenston Road (All Bachmann).

Class 08 number 08114 at Canada Road (Modified Lima).

Class 08 number 08114 at Canada Road (Modified Lima).

Black liveried D3311 at Easington Lane (Hornby).

HO scale English Electric 0-6-0 DE in Victoria Railways livery (Australian HO).

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