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BR Class 03, by Kier Hardy


The completed 03111, based on a High Level Kits chassis, and a Mainline body.

The detailed body with replacement handrails is seen next to the contents of the kit.

The bodies are shown here in various stages of detailing.

Replacement handrails have been fitted, steps removed from the bonnet, and a fresh spot of BR rail blue applied.

The moulding pip on the bonnet has since been removed, as it is not evident on any of the prototypes.

The articulated connecting rods are seen here, 3 ply laminated etched brass.

The chassis being built as compensated. The pre-assembled coupling rods are seen fitted to the 'setting up' axles, to give the correct spacing for the hornblocks.

The motor and reduction gearing is test fitted to the chassis.

A view from the other side, showing the brass lost wax castings for the brake and jackshaft bearings.

Underside view, showing idler gear and jackshaft, which are driven from the rear axle - there being no direct connection with the connecting rods, just the impression of.

Gibson wheels are fitted, and the chassis is tested for rollability.

The compensation beam pivots above the front 2 axles.

The motor fitted and secured, with the triple stage reduction gearing visible, driving the rear axle.

The motor is wired to 6 Gibson sprung plunger pickups (locations already etched out behind the wheels).

The completed item, clearly showing the detail such as 'barley twist' cab footsteps, jackshaft mesh, and chequer plate running boards.

For further information on the building of this loco, and a review of the High Level Kits chassis, please refer to the Model Railway Journal No 186 (2008).

Watch this space for progress on the next class 03 project - dual braked 03162.