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A side street garage at Hornsey Broadway.

The battery charging bay with canopy, at Fordham's milk depot.

Finefare and Station Books at Hornsey Broadway.

Bulk storage facility at Hornsey.

Foremans office at Wibdenshaw bus depot, scratchbuilt by Steve Adcock.

A 1960s style office block constructed from Tri-Ang Arkitex parts and embossed plastic card.

Parcels depot building for the Lesney Park project.

The tramways office building at Morfa Bank, based on a dock offices building in Bristol. Having been empty for a while, it looks like it may fall fate to the demolition crew if a buyer can't be found.

The bus garage at Shenston Road.

Office block (Tri-Ang Arkitex) and mill buildings (Kibri) at Wibdenshaw.

A modified Bachmann Scenecraft building for Hornsey Road.