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The Ultrasonic Test Train heads north out of Wibdenshaw station with a wave from the engineers in the rear cab.

Refurbished Metropolitan Cammell class 101 DMU heads south past Pudsey Jcn, as it slows for Wibdenshaw Midland station.

03111 shunts a motley collection of parcels vehicles at Wibdenshaw, whilst various DMUs go about their daily business.

At the parcels depot, a class 47 backs onto its train of vans.

A North-Eastern based class 108 4-car set featuring window bars, modified and detailed by Paul James.

A trip working arrives at Morfa Mawr from the south, hauled by a Hymek diesel hydraulic loco.

An English Electric type 3 shunts wagons for the coal merchants.

Another pick-up freight enters Morfa Mawr, whilst a DMU heads south along the Cardigan coast.

Another day dawns over the industrial area of Hornsey Road, whilst commuter and express trains rumble down below.

9009 at Hornsey Broadway with a class 501 EMU passing overhead.

A London Transport Daimler DMS and a AEC Merlin go about their daily duties.

A view looking along Hornsey Road towards the loco depot, showing the Merchants house on the left. The upper part of the blue-brick tunnel abutments can be seen beyond the van, and is at the limit of the 'cut and cover' section of railway beneath the road. Beyond that (and 50 feet below the depot), the tracks head towards Finsbury Park in a deep bore tunnel.

A closer view of the Merchant's house situated at 233 Hornsey Road!

The entrance to the motive power depot, with a brace of Brush type 2 awaiting their next turn of duty. It's not so easy to sneak past the foreman's office here!

A class 124 Trans-Pennine unit awaiting its charter working back to Hull.

A busy time at Shenston Road with a class 40 on a cement train whistling away in the background, whilst a Brush 4 gets ready to depart for Birmingham.

Brush type 4 waits on the station centre road with a train of Pressflo wagons.

A class 47 hurries south with a van train, whilst a single car unit heads for Wolverhampton.

To the north of the station, a class 37 heads for Wolverhampton with a mineral train.

A Brush type 4 waits in the up goods loop at Shenston Road with a rake of empty coke hoppers returning from Pensnett.

Part of the vast BSC Shenston steelworks showing the blast furnace and coking plant.

Mike Ansonís Western Road rekindles memories of the early 1970s on the western region of BR, using locomotives from the Canada Road fleet.(Ian Manderson)

D1059 Western Empire looking very much at home in the typically western region architecture of the servicing shed and water tower at Western Road.(Ian Manderson)

The GN Cravens project (based on the Bachmann model) is almost complete, and a visit to Roy Jackson's 'Retford' layout in June 2011 brought about the opportunity to photograph some of the units. Six of the vehicles are seen here leaving the station on a northbound charter service.

The excursion is seen again later in the day as it re-joins the ECML, having travelled from Sheffield on the GC route and the short spur from Whisker Hill Junction.