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From the emgauge70s crew, we would like to wish you all the best for the Festive Season and New Year.


After a bit of a wait faded blue 08 296 was finished in time for a first appearance at the Wakefield show.

Bachmann Class 20 D8095 has also been completed, and is shown after weathering of the underframe.

As a running partner for the USA tank pictured a few months ago, an example of the re-tooled Heljan 33 has been bought. One aspect of
this model that has drawn comment is the stand-out of the bodyside grill frames. To address this, the grills were carefully prised free of the
shell and then rubbed down with wet-and-dry while being held in a cut-out of matching size in a sheet of 20 thou. This supports the fragile
grill, whilst also limiting the thickness the abrasive will remove.

The re-fitted grill is shown after thinning of the frame.

A general view of the shell of D6505, now ready for weathering. Minor adjustments to the white and green paint around the windows, and the
roof fan grill have also been made.

Chatting at the Wakefield show has given inspiration to a couple of shunter projects…. The first is a new Class 04 swop-body for the
Southampton sequence at the Canterbury show, this time to be finished as D2294 in rail blue for the 1967-71 era.

The second is the mech for the Hunslet Class 05 Mike Edge kit for which the bodyshell is already at an advanced stage. The completion of
08 296 saw Lima/Crownline 08 114 withdrawn from the fleet, and the Portescap motor from that mech become available. It is hoped to
have this model completed in time for the Liverpool show in April, as a few of the type saw use in the Mersey docks in the late 1960s.

And now here's a few snaps taken by Paul at the recent Wakefield show.



Paul's 5025

Paul's 5081



A Gateshead allocated EE type 3 number 6742 heads a freight towards East London, just glimpsed through the railings on Market Street.
This and 6731 are both new to the Shenston Road fleet, and finished by Greg.

Thornaby's 6731 heading back home with a string of unfitted empties....

....adorned with mini snowploughs and 51L depot code. The photos this month are courtesy of Mr James and his F stop.

Another Shenston Road loco, this time NBL hydraulic D6328 passing through.

It's been through the paint works for a 'refresh', highlighting the poor condition of the roof.

Shenston Road's D8400 has been in the fleet a while.....

...and is joined by Greg's newly customised D8409, both having had the exhaust ports opened out. This does improve the look over the clumsy
grid moulding, so is on the 'to do' list for the Hornsey fleet.

A view taken from the back of the depot, showing a selection of visiting motive power.

A brace of English Electric type 4 locos stop for refreshments.

More type 4 motive power from the Eastwell fleet.

A few austere bus shelter components under construction using a plywood jig base. This typical London style was widespread and basic in design.

With the bus shelters in place, more detailing work has been carried out on Bridge Street.