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First off this month is a few snaps taken by Paul James. D1057 Western Chieftain hauls a rake of mixed 21 ton wagons in the direction of
East London. Another of Greg's Shenston Road loco & wagon visitations.

Captured later in the day on the depot headshunt.

Another Shenston Road combination, with D1005 Western Venturer at the head of a newly formed stone train, the wagons having been
detailed, repainted and lettered.

With the stone train held at the signals, Warship D815 Druid heads north with a mixed freight.

Now a couple of class 24s snapped from the Eastwell fleet - this one being 5081, a SLW model.....

....and now 5041 heading along the branch line. This model is a Hornby body / Bachmann chassis hybrid.

This Bachmann Conflat A has been rescued from the scrap line and given some shackles to secure the container, made from an etched brass
mix of 51L and Roxey etchings. I can live with the chunky chassis for now, and it will add some variety to a mixed freight on a quick turn-around.

However, I can't live with the the bogies on the Oxford Carflat and its undersized wheels. The frames seem very undernourished, and
converting to EM or making space for 14mm wheels isn't an easy option. The lefthand carflat has been fitted with Bachmann LMS bogies
and Gibson 14mm coach disc wheels. The lamp brackets need to be removed and placed further down the end flap, so they're not protruding.

Some surgery is required on the underside of the chassis, to give enough clearance for the flanges. With the careful use of a Dremel, some
curved channels can be made, similar to the underside of a Bachmann mark 1 coach, and gives enough articulation of the bogie to cope
with most track conditions.

With some temporary 3-link couplings made up between the plastic hooks, the carflats have been tested and run smoothly on the layout.
So now it's back to the works for some new couplings and light weathering.


A quick plug - Paul James has just finished his O gauge class 08
and it can be seen on Bill Connelly's 'Blowers Green Wagon Works',
which will be appearing at the Swansea model railway exhibition
on the 7th & 8th of October. Also showing is Phil Bullock's
Abbotswood Junction OO gauge layout, so worth a trip if
you're into blue and green diesels.



After a bit of a summer break from the hobby things are underway again on my bench. A few Parkside 21 ton hopper wagon kits have been
started, these being a mix of the original and re-built BR patterns.

A Bachmann Class 20 is also in progress. This view shows the cab front after removal of mould lines and re-positioning of the marker lights to
scale spacing. Thin white undercoat has been applied ready for restoration of the yellow finish. The model will be completed as an early
blue repaint from the pre-TOPS era of the Scottish Region.

The detailing etches for the 35t Blue Grain hoppers have now arrived, and my first attempts at etching artwork seem to have worked well, with
PPD Ltd of Scotland completing the process. In this view the roof walkways, in two styles, are shown.

A second sheet, in thicker nickel silver, contains the brake gear and ladders. These are also to two patterns to suit the early and late version
of the design. The hope is to have a completed string of at least six finished wagons in time for Canada Street’s appearance at SECC Glasgow
in February…..but there is a couple of hundred small fixing holes to be drilled first!



Lesney Park made its second appearance at the Strathpine show down here in Oz during early August, and was received well by fellow
modellers. Most of the public walked past it of course, and probably wouldn't have got to grips with the 'how and why' of it. Alongside
L.P was my mates VR H0 scale branch line layout making its exhibition debut, and which I convinced him to bring along to help fly the
'model railwaying' flag.

My usual crew supported both our layouts and that kept them very busy - going from one to the other when operator relief called for it. Nick,
who I met at last years event was a huge help to me in being able to come in for the two days shunting, so, with just the five of us with
layouts to drive, we did okay.

A 2-EPB slows down for the stop at Lesney Park.

Recent addition to the fleet is this Hornby class 08 with Ultrascale wheelsets.



I have been putting my time into scratch building the Newton Abbot traverser, however without having any plans I have had to
revert to images to help me get it as accurate as possible. The only items that will not be scratch built will be the track and
the rolling under frame for the traverser for which I have used 7x Ratio 546A Rolling Under-frame kits. This shows the parts
for the cabin laid out and ready to assemble.

The Traverser Operators cabin ready for painting, as well as the motor cabinet and various electrical cubicles.

The above two images show the alignment jig used in the construction of the traverser, with grooved wheels which run along the 7 rails. There is an
interesting article in Traction magazine (issue 241) by Alex Fisher, on the works at Newton Abbot including a good photograph of the traverser.

The rest of the chassis has been cut from various thicknesses of plastic-card and is seen here with a Warship added to show its length and width.
The cabin has operating levers and electrical switches and has been flush glazed.