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Peak class 44 number 5 Cross Fell waits for the road at the head of a unfitted coke train with diesel brake tender. This is the Dapol model,
acquired sometime last year.... there's been a minimal amount of work, but all the better for seeing it out of its box and in to service.

Showing the underside of the tender, the handrails and brake wheel having been removed and refitted closer to the body. Conversion to EM
is straightforward, and easier if the hangers are removed and refitted after the wheels (Gibson in this case) are in place.... most of them fell
off anyway! The opportunity was also taken to add some additional weight - strips of lead flashing bonded to the chassis.

A southbound Shell BP tank train snakes across to the East London Line, hauled by Brush 4 number 1720 bound for the Thameshaven
Refinery, and is another of Greg's tank trains from the Shenston Road fleet.

Barrier wagon between loco and train.....

.... and another at the rear with brake van.

Another project on the backburner is the construction of a signalbox, the brick base seen here under construction using SE Finecast
embossed sheet laid onto a 1.5mm plastic card structure.

The base of the signalbox built around a plywood plinth.

The upper part of the Midland based signalbox is made from two Wills kits spliced together, plank clad and grafted to the base. There's still a
lot more work to do before it's finished, but for now its skeletal presence gives a good idea how it fits into the station throat area.

A flurry of type 1 motive power is captured in this view, with pairs of BTH class 15 locos 8224 & D8242 (SYP), along with D8228 & D8204.
The nearest pairing are North British class 16 numbers D8406 & D8402 at the head of a departmental ballast train.

D8406 (nearest) is the latest addition to the Hornsey fleet. A Heljan model converted to EM using the existing wheels reprofiled on the lathe,
and some body customising to include enlargement of the windows and removal of vents on the cabsides.

A major road building project to the east of London is producing regular appearances of Western Region motive power hauling stone from The
Mendips. This and the following snaps were taken by Paul James, capturing a selection of Greg's Warships and his rake of Tippler wagons.

814 Dragon hauls another load of stone. Knowledge of the WTT on this particular week has resulted in a few cops!

825 Intrepid passes through a couple of days later.

Hornsey regular 826 Jupiter on yet another stone train.

Now for some of the Eastwell fleet, starting with BR Sulzer type 2 number 7677 hauling coke wagons....

.... followed by 7635 on a coal train.

Eastwell Ironstone Company Janus - recently decorated with its owners lettering, and modifications to the bufferbeam.

Brush built 1200 Falcon is a long way from its home in South Wales, at the head of a heavy oil tank train.

Finally, a moment captured 'on shed' featuring a growing fleet of visiting class 24s (SLW model).