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Toffee Apple Brush type 2 - 31014 has now been finished and is in service at Lesney Park. Here she is in the yard stabled between duties.

BTH class 15 number D8236 is held at the signal (recently commissioned by the S&T department), as it comes off the branch with a local goods.
Next on the list will be the fitting of headcode discs, obviously having been removed by the depot staff at Stratford for some strange reason!

I have also been busy planting grass fibres on the layout and decided to dig out my Noch grasmaster Mk 2.0 that I purchased a while back.
Within minutes found this so easy to work with, and look forward to grassing a few other small areas on 'The Park' soon.

A view of the end of the sidings.



On the 83A Newton Abbot works yard theme, I have been beavering away (when times allowed), and managed to make all of the tanks that
sit parallel to the works yard. These have been made from modified Wills kits (SS34), which sit on nearly 500 individual breeze blocks cut
from hollow plastic square section.

I attended the Thornbury show and managed to get myself a 12t 5-plank open (PC25) and a 12t palvan (PC65) from Parkside Dundas.
Both of these items have been built as grounded bodies. I have also made the covering between the 2 large tanks and the extra small tank
that sits on the 2nd of the large tanks.

The Works yard idea initially was a way in which in a realistic setting I could show off my detailed & weathered 4mm NBL Warships, however
Pete Johnson has got me thinking (especially after his rebuild of Canada Road to Canada Street), “Would the Works Yard really satisfy me?”
I built a mock up of both the traverser and front wall of the works building to see how it would all fit in, and more importantly how much space
it would require. It certainly adds to the atmosphere and more importantly shouts out at you ‘this is 83A’, so I know its going to take more time
than originally intended for this project, as I've also a 1/32nd scale D600 kit to build. I know I will have more satisfaction not only in building the
Newton Abbot traverser and Works but more importantly for me, when finished I can put my NBL Warships on the traverser and be back in 1971.



I’ve been doing a few tasks on the layout in readiness for its outing to this month’s Railwells Show on August 12th/13th. A couple of wagons
added to the roster are this pair of 21T coal hoppers. The rebodied one on the left was donated by a friend, having been converted from the
original Dapol model. I’ve added a few tweaks including the handrails and vacuum cylinder/pipe, plus solebar steps and bottom discharge
handles from the Dave Bradwell etch. I also thought it OK to have just one example still with the original body and the one here is a
straight build of the Parkside kit.

This shows to good effect the fairly recently completed backscene painting, which I’m reasonably happy with - it certainly adds to the overall
setting. Also a bit of enhancement of ground cover has been taking place using static grass etc.

More weed growth around the base of the Portakabin. Just needs some discarded litter now to complete the scene.

Another view of the backscene, here intended to give the impression of the distant skyline of the Wheatley Valley.

This final image shows my attempt to depict the view to more open countryside at the upper reaches of the Wheatley Valley. The Daimler
Fleetline in WYPTE livery is a recent addition to the layout’s fleet, but still needs a driver/passengers adding and weathering to make
it more presentable…