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After clearing the decks a bit last month another new project has been started. In this view the main elements of a Hunslet 0-4-0 - adapted from the Judith Edge kit of the larger 0-6-0 – are pictured underway.

A few days later, and the cab has been assembled. The type had a changed size of engine compartment door when compared to its big brother, so hopefully Mike will be willing to run some adjusted parts for the project.

This month has also seen the ‘Blue Grain’ project move forward. I have chosen to base these on the Lima underframe moulding which is the correct length and has nicely rendered buffers. To maintain the ‘open frame’ look the MJT w-irons have had the main deck cut away after first being securely soldered in the corners.

Re-uniting the body tubs and underframes begins to make the wagons look the part, although there is still a long way to go. ‘Haig’ has the later pattern (Lima) bodywork style, but has been fitted with chain-hung springing salvaged from the Bachmann underframes to portray the ‘as-built’ condition of this type.

In contrast, this example is the early style bodywork, but fitted with the later pedestal type suspension of the mid-1970s – again a blend of Bachmann and Lima pieces has been used.

The project has become a work of obsession again…. (what is it about grain wagons!?) This detail view shows the thinned stanchions of the Bachmann tub bonded to the ‘C’ shape solebar joiners – each individually cut and fitted from a bonded channel section made from three pieces of 0,5mm styrene strip. The vacuum pipe has also been added using styrene rod.

Up on the roof the grab handles have been made using 0.35mm brass, and the door catches using 0.45 brass, filed flat on the top face. The artwork for the etched trimmings is under development, but it may be a few months yet before these parts can be fitted.



With camera in hand, and another opportunity to snap a few of the latest goings on...... Starting with 5087 (featured last month at Shenston Road), paired with 5025 from the Eastwell fleet heading for the Midland Mainline.

5025 now on its own hauling a rake of empty 21 ton hopper wagons.

5000 (SLW) with 5174 (Hornby) at Hornsey Broadway station.

And now a pair from the Shenston Road fleet - 24057 & 24063.



A Stratford allocated Brush type 4 heads north with a rake of heavy oil tank wagons originating from Ripple Lane. These wagons are heavily modified Hornby models, built many years ago for Shenston Road by Greg, later transferred to the Hornsey fleet and recently refurbished.

Whilst everyone else has been customising their locomotives, I've been busying myself in the area around the Underground station. The new bridge abutments are now in place with just a bit of brickwork to do, and the pavements and platforms have now been populated.

The cable bridge is made from brass sections using a pin jig for a strong soldered construction, with the cables and supports glued on afterwards.

This building started life as a low-relief resin building by Bachmann, and was partially rebuilt with a roof a few years ago. Now it's almost ready to be planted on Bridge Street, some additional brickwork has been added prior to weathering and finishing.

The card cut-out of Arnos Grove tube station has proved to be a handy prop for a number of years. With the recent redevelopment of this area, plans are now afoot for a proper building.

This plan view shows the site being surveyed in preparation for the architects drawings..... watch this space for further details.

Next on the list will be street lamps, road signs, and period bus shelters.



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