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Looking across Hornsey Road beyond the Merchant's House towards the fuel storage tanks which have just been built and installed at the depot. At the time there was no requirement for a bund, and similarly the one at Finsbury Park wasn't constructed until 1981.

The tanks are made from plastic kitchen waste pipe, capped and detailed with brass wire and tube. Plastruct 'T' section has been used on the high level access walkway, drilled and fitted with .45mm brass wire. The cast whitemetal valves were acquired in a box of bits (source unknown) and fitted with replacement etched brass handwheels.

This view shows a Bachmann resin cast building that has been chopped and modified to represent the pump house. It wasn't until the tanks had been given a blast of grey primer that I noticed the ladder assembly had suffered with shrikage and bowing, and initially thought the problem was as a result of the paint. This picture shows that before painting it had already suffered, so the Kibri plastic had reacted with either the superglue or the solvent used to attach the ladder to the tanks. Luckily the effected ladder sections were easily cut out and replaced without having to remove the vertical safety cage.

The tank unloading road has been constructed in the same way as the fueling roads using a balsawood base with C&L chairs melted into gauge using poly solvent. A gully has yet to be cut into the base for collection of any spilt fuel, which can be drained away to an interceptor. Another channel with chequer plate covers will run alongside with standpipes and valves, with hoses to couple up to the tank wagons. The square hole by the way is just a means for handling the sub baseboard, and will be covered over once work on this section is complete.

Shenston Road resident D1039 Western King is seen visiting Hornsey Road depot before heading back to the Western Region. Detailed and weathered by Greg, the Dapol model captures collision damage to the front corner and side.

Class 73 number E6048 hauls class 71 number E5004 (and QM brake van) past a trio of class 15 locos heading for the depot. The Dapol class 73 is again from Greg's Shenston Road fleet, recently repainted from purple into blue, with the class 71 originating from the Hornby stable.

Finally from the Hornsey ramblings is another of Greg's locos - this time Warship 825 Intrepid passing through with a football special.



Class 25 ‘25 323’ is pictured after weathering. Looking badly in need of a trip through the washing plant, the loco is modelled to a picture from the mid-1980s which shows it working an explosives trip for the North Wales slate quarries.

A new project on the bench is this pair of Class 17 bodyshells, one being a bargain sell-off bare shell from the Heljan stand at Warley that has been waiting its moment for several years. The plan is to add a GSYP and GFYE swop-body option to the layout roster – these can then appear in Tyneside sequences of the middle sixties, or as the more well-known Scottish allocations of the sixties/early seventies.

The cabs are having wire handrails and door handles added, as well as having the tablet catcher recess shape improved.

More by accident than design ‘Canada Street’ features again in the new Model Railway Journal (No. 252) just out – this time with a piece concentrating on the R&W Paul and Burton buildings.

The layout will be out again this month, appearing at Stafford on the 4th and 5th.



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