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From the emgauge70s crew, we would like to wish you all the best for the Festive Season and New Year.


A view looking north towards the station as a BR Sulzer type 2 heads back to the Midlands with a rake of empty hoppers. The 'Committee' have recently been discussing semaphore signals, fabricating suitable examples, and planting them in the ground to await eventual commissioning.

Deltic 9012 Crepello heads a rake of mk 2a coaching stock back onto the main line, as a class 501 EMU leaves the station on its way to Broad Street.

This piece of 6mm plywood was cut to size about 5 years ago and has remained stable enough to start laying track on it. This sub baseboard will need to be easily removed for access and maintenance, the securing screws being hidden by manhole covers. Shown in the process of adding some rigidity.

With all the rails heading for the same place, the sleepering can be guess glued down to allow the trackwork to flow better.

Tackling the other fork so that both can come together further along the board. Bill has been along with his chainsaw and trimmed all the sleepers to length!

Temporary tie bars fitted to the points, all electrically tested and given a blast of Humbrol matt dark earth.

Some tie bars get damaged after ballasting due to being glued up, so the final arrangements and control gear wait until after the ballast gang have gone.

Thin strips of balsawood have been bonded to the baseboard with wood glue, to represent the concrete fueling point pad. The C&L chairs are fixed in place with a poly solvent.

The area after treatment of a mix of base colours. The Bachmann fueling shelter has proved to be a handy prop, but will make way for some scratchbuilt concrete shelters.

Meanwhile on the work bench is this Hornby Gresley Buffet picked up at a bargain price at a swapmeet recently. The bodyside conversion looks fairly straightforward, making it more suitable for its blue & grey livery.

There's work required on the roof no doubt, and a bit of careful painting to do. The existing glazing has been welded and filled as required into the bodyside.


Canada Street appeared at two exhibitions during November, in this view the layout is all set for the start of the day at Portsmouth.

For local interest we opened with a new ‘1959 South Coast’ sequence, here scratchbuilt Adams B4 0-4-0T ‘30083’ stands on the dockside.

During the same sequence an assortment of vans are pictured in the high level sidings.

Recently completed Class 04 ‘11224’ passes time by the Engineman’s cabin.


Creating the sea weed on the quay and pier - using dried tea leaves sprinkled onto rivulets of PVA. The first picture shows them as glued.

Next they were sprayed with matt varnish to seal them and then painted with a black/brown mix, sealed again and then highlighted with gloss vanish painted on to give the wet effect.

Finally the slimy algae finish was added above and below, with the landing stage in place.

A spur-of-the-moment weekend purchase of a Oxford Rail ex-LNE 6-plank open. I was rather impressed with this – the moulding shows a great deal of finesse and was the easiest wagon I’ve ever converted to EM!

I removed the brakes on one side (the brakes are wrong on the model), trimmed a bit off the back of the remaining shoes, pulled out the Oxford wheels to EM, cut off the coupling blocks and fitted links to the existing hook, held with a sliver of plastic strip. And that was that! Just a well-weathered paint job, some new engineer’s markings and into service.


Class 23 Baby Deltic nose comparison - headcode photoshopped onto model. This is just a brief overview of my headcode box modifications for the update page..... but if you want the full story including the kitchen sink please click here.

Image of D5901 at Doncaster works courtesy of nigelmenzies on flickr

Cutting, filing, shaping and experimenting with bits of plastic.

Reprofiling the nose where the top meets side.

Yellow ends reinstated, new headcode blinds made on the computer and printed.

Back into service and earning its keep on ECS duties.

A zoom-in sees Brush 4 number 1932 at Hornsey Road depot.

A glimpse of 2164 on shed.

A tool van and skip wagon at the siding end.

Whilst helping Pete out at Portsmouth, I managed to take a few snaps at Canada Street.

A Southern Region theme.

More shunting taking place.

A quiet moment on the quayside.

And finally, shunters awaiting the next train in... the background clutter having been erased by Kier.



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