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More of the latest Eastwell goings-on snapped at Hornsey Bdy. The Heljan Baby Deltic has received a facelift to the nose ends, in particular larger replacement headcode panels as seen here on D5908 (in the company of D5905 & D5909 awaiting the same treatment).

It's definately a squeeze trying to get 4mm characters into the 'as supplied' panel, showing the comparison between D5903 on the left and modified D5908 on the right.

The roof has also been reworked to move the fan grill & panel to match the position of the side radiator grill, and fit an Extreme Etchings accessory kit.

As well as the above modifications, the DMU fleet has been dusted off and given a spin along the main line. Here's a one time Wibdenshaw regular class 108 4-car set passing Greg's maroon liveried Warship D815 Druid.

Park Royal class 103 2-car DMU dives down under the fly-over, whilst Deltic D9014 The Duke of Wellington's Regiment heads north with a Pullman rake.

Another view of D9014 from Greg's Shenston Road fleet. It was rushed into service with just some basic detailing and weathering when Bachmann introduced the model, but is now back on the work bench to bring it up to a better standard which will include fitting of additional parts and elimination of the printed detail.

A brace of BRCW class 33 locos, 6575 & 6572 on a day out from the Southern Region (Heljan).



An outing for the layout to the ‘Expo Bowland’ meeting on the afternoon of 29th October sees this view of the coal drops, completed at long last. The figures, also added just prior to the event, are from the Pete Goss range.

A view of the footbridge ramp from street level.

British Rail Bedford HA van from the ‘Trackside’ range, with added wing mirrors and windscreen wipers, plus registration plate made up from Railtec transfers. Click here for a Jamerail Flickr image showing a Bedford HA van in an image taken at Huddersfield in 1984.

A busy period in the yard at Hebble Vale.

Class 03 diesel shunter stabled in the yard while a Class 25 moves alongside in the headshunt



A Lima class 31 has made it to the work bench this month - the pancake chassis has been retained keeping the original corner fairings on the buffer beams. The bodyshell has received a few careful swipes of the file to reduce the height of the vents over the cab, and the engine exhaust ports are in the process of being modified to suit a 1970s machine. Changes to the motor end to incorporate a 'bridge' made from 060" styrene to accept the later Railroad style motor bogie.

About 60 holes on the roof were drilled out to accept the hand grabs which were bent up from 0.33mm nickle silver (n/s) wire. The cab entry door hand rails, also shown, are from 0.45 n/s wire. Nose ends to do next!

The roof fan made from the Shawplan / Extreme Etchings range - Lima 31 (A) product, secured to a plastic plate for attaching inside the body.



With Canada Street due to appear at the Hull and Portsmouth exhibitions during November several of the projects on the go have been completed ready for these shows. Dapol Class 22 D6320, in a mid-1960s condition, is pictured after weathering.

Classmate D6333 has also been finished, as it would have looked at the beginning of the ‘70s.

From the early days of BR diesels, Class 20 D8041 with just a couple of years of grime.

…and from the same era, but rather more work-stained, Southern Class Q1 33023.

A new project that has made very rapid progress is a swop-body for my Drewry Class 04. The new guise of this loco is to run in a Southampton area 1959-60 sequence, and takes my diesel modelling into the steam era number sequence for the first time. In this view the basic parts of the old Airfix kit have been prepared before assembly.

A close-up showing the 0,3 brass wire grab handles on the bonnet sides.

Only a week later the model had progressed to this condition…..

Cut-to-size ABS glazing and small details in brass have been added.

A few days later, and the basic livery has been applied.

The finished model, 11224 of Eastleigh shed, as it might have appeared in 1960.

The BR Dia 1/500 Brake Van, B950328, with typical mid-70s weathering.

Fruit Van B875061 ready for service.

….and its companion, B875716, also in a 1966-‘76 sort of livery.

Standard van B768077 has been lightly weathered for early 1960s sequences on the layout.

Shell-BP Class B tank ‘6397’ – now weathered - is for use in the same era.

A new batch of hardboard/planed timber stock boxes are under way for safe storage of the new wagon fleet additions…..

This Lima-based model of the BR Bogie Bolster E has had a load of steel bars added using thick iron wire.

Finally the pair of Hornby Class 08s have now been re-wheeled using Gibson parts, and appear in ex-works condition ready for a touch of grime. D3381 is for the early 1960s.

And D3316 in a colourful 1967 livery



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