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BR Sulzer type 2 number 5000 heads a mixed freight through Hornsey Broadway. This SLW product is the latest project to emerge from the Eastwell Workshops, having been repainted from a green machine, and detailed to represent the loco in an early 1970s guise.

Class 46 Peak D163 Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry at Wibdenshaw. Detailed and finished by Greg Brookes for the Shenston Road fleet.... the loco crew obviously haven't bothered to change the headcode!

Another Peak from the Shenston Road fleet, this time D165 awaiting a clear road.

And whilst on the subject of Peaks, this example in blue livery D123 completes a trio from Greg.

D1039 Western King was captured on Pudsey Jcn stabling point.... a Dapol product again from the Shenston Road fleet.

Where are all the trains? An unusually quiet moment at Wibdenshaw station captured by Mr James.



This month more projects have got started….but still none actually finished! Loads for the 5 ‘Coil-J’s (pictured a few months ago) are taking shape. For these the steel rolls have been cut from a round piece of branch, and the cover sheets from a suitable grey-coloured bin-liner. Thinly applied Evo-stik is used on the wood, before wrapping with the plastic and holding with a clothes-peg as the glue dries.

A couple more BR Brake Vans have been put together from the old (bright red!) Airfix kit. The first has been adapted into the BR Diagram 1/500 pattern, carrying-over the final LNER design. For this the foot boards have been shortened and double lamp brackets added at each end. The usual improvements to the roof and windows have also been done.

The second Brake Van is a Dia 1/507 of the final BR pattern. For this oleo buffers and roller-bearing axleboxes have been added.

A few Parkside van kits have also been put together. This is one of a pair of late pattern BR Dia 1/208 vans with plank sides and ply doors. The clasp brake underframe is from the Red Panda kit, leaving the Parkside underframe parts available for some future project…..

For a bit of variety this van is the Dia 1/233 ventilated fruit type. Externally they were almost identical to the plywood built standard van, but the 4 air-scoop vents low down along each side (helpfully provided by Parkside in their kit) give away its special traffic.

Finally this month, a rebuild of a scratchbuilt model I first put together back in the late 1970s for my OO-gauge layout of the time! This Dia 1/005 hot pig-iron wagon was inspired by a brief article in a Railway Magazine from the early 1950s – when the first of the type joined the BR fleet. Based on that single photograph, and the accompanying outline dimensions, I put together a bodyshell on an Airfix Meat Van underframe. Found recently in a box of old stuff in the attic, the basic size of the bodyshell was good and seemed worth doing something with….

Further research on the web, and in books gathered over the years, showed that the 139 ‘production’ wagons had beefed-up framing compared to the prototype in the RM picture. As a result only the basic body-tub of the model remains, fitted with new framing and underframe. The all-steel type were unusual for having a sloping floor with drainage slots at the centre, this allowed water sprayed on the hot load to run away. The heat and water did no favours to the paintwork, and rust seems to have been the general colour of the bodywork most of the time! A sole example survives at the Nene Valley railway…..but is badly in need of some TLC.

Now a few images taken at Wibdenshaw during the recent Railex 2016 show.

An unidentified Peak speeds northbound through the station.

A long way from home, Stratford's 2164 on station pilot duties.

Deltic number 9009 Alycidon heads south with a Pullman service.

A BMC dropside captured on Bradford Road.

A series 1 Landrover crossing the railway along Sunbridge Road.

Pudsey Junction signal box.

A potential customer!

Bogie bolsters aplenty behind a BR Sulzer type 2.

A brace of Brush type 2s going with the grain.

They're all hiding in the shunters cabin.

Stop here when red light shows.

WYPTE rules OK.

A class 128 DPU pauses in the parcels bay, surrounded by BRUTE trolleys.



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