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Continuing on from last month, here are a few additional images of the Eastwell Ironstone layout, taken sometime during the 1990s by Steve Jordan.

Class 04 & class 03 locos in various stages of neglect.

Ex-BR class 14 loco hauling ironstone through the countryside between the works and the BR exchange sidings.

At the exchange sidings, a pair of class 25s get ready to depart with a loaded rake of tiplers.

Condemned coaching stock en-route for scrap, captured at Eastwell exchange sidings.

03121 takes a break from shunting at the sidings.

BR tool & staff coaches visit Eastwell to help out with the result of a rough shunt!



The APCM Presflo pictured last month was finished in time for Canada Street’s first exhibition appearance in the south of England. Fleet number ‘PF20’ is finished as it might have appeared after a year or two in service…..and begins to show why Blue Circle switched to a basic grey livery for the type around that time.

Pictured during the Tonbridge show on 20th Feb' is green-TOPS Class 08 08 918. Coinciding with the event was the publication of Model Railway Journal 245, which includes a feature article on the Downing Maltings of Canada Street.

On the work bench, the two North British 0-4-0s have had the wasp stripes finished.

The colourful cab backs of the pair are shown in this view.

A Dapol Class 22 has also been worked on. The roof vent has been divided by a wedge of plastic fitted into a slot cut through the shell, and then filled using epoxy putty smoothed with a wetted fingertip. This allowed the bolt head detail around the edge of the panel to be retained. Different members of the class seem to have different open sections on this vent, so checking photos of individual locos is advised.

At the nose ends I have chosen to fit new glazing in the headcode panels, with Fox transfers applied to the back. The cab side window has also been filed down slightly, and other small detail items added. Again there were several variations on these details so photos are worth checking.

Issue number 245 of the Model Railway Journal has an 11-page article on the Downing Maltings which is featured on Canada Street, inspired by visits to the Gloucester Docks.


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