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It's no surprise to see a large proportion of type 1 motive power on shed, as the work they were intended for fell away sharply in the late 1960s, resulting in the eventual and shameful scrapping of many locomotives in full working condition. Frank Agile the depot foreman has enough problems to sort out, not helped by the poor availability of spare parts such as traction motors for the class 15 fleet. 8224 seen in the centre of this picture has just been allocated to Hornsey Road, spuced up and given a full service, but is now sidelined awaiting a new motor - let's hope the supplier in Oxford can come up with the goods so it can see some service at least!

We've experienced a few problems with these Chinese built motors as fitted to the Heljan class 15 & 16 locomotives, with the commutator suffering a complete meltdown after only a few minutes running time from new. This view shows the novel method of brush pressure provided in the form of a strip of brass rivetted to the motor end cap, instead of the usual coiled spring. Having said that, there are several members of the class which have run for many hours without any issues.

A series of images showing a set of wheels being reprofiled on the lathe. This process involves facing the inside of the wheel to reduce flange thickness without having to remove the wheels from the axles, and reduces the amount of movement required when regauging to EM by drifting. This method is also regularly used on coupled wheelsets (shunting and steam locomotives) without disturbing the quartering.

A set of class 15 wheels, along with another set of wheels recently reprofiled for a Baby Deltic.

Showing the webbing being removed from the inside of a bogie frame, to allow clearance when being regauged to 4ft 4-1/2".

Finishing off this month's report is a view of The Works showing various rolling stock projects underway. Baby Deltic D5903 has just received a fresh coat of yellow paint on its nose ends, and the chassis is finished, converted and ready for service. A small number of 21ton hopper wagons have been transferred to the Hornsey fleet after serving well on Oldshaw for a number of years, with some requiring removal of their quaint hands-free couplings in favour of 3-links. D7098 sits on the back road after having been re-data panelled - the set it had been carrying recently was of the later mid-'70s style, putting it out of period for a 1970 guise! My thanks go to Mr Johnson for pointing this out at the recent Shipley exhibition!



Wigan 2015 was the second show appearance for ‘Canada Street’, the layout is pictured ready to go early on the Saturday morning. The following are a few other views taken at the show…..

One for grounded van fans…..the old LNER van by the engineman’s cabin.

A view looking down the back of the yard beyond the cabin.

New loco D.2019 rests amongst some mineral wagons during the opening 1961 sequence on the Saturday.

During the same sequence, all-green Class 15 D8202 was stabled in the yard. This, and just a handful of other examples, carried unusual nose-end numbers in the early 60s.

In a later sequence Class 08 D3988 lifts a few steel carriers out of the yard

And Drewry tram D2212 runs along the quayside with a string of grain hoppers

Moving north to Scotland in the mid-1970s, Barclay 06 002 bumbles through the docks with just a couple of wagons.

Back on the hobby bench, work on the two North British 0-4-0 kits has resumed. The wheels (Gibson) are pictured after fitting of the balance weights.


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