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For those able to get along to the Wigan show on the 3rd & 4th of October, here is a taster of the layout – a view looking towards the engineman’s cabin across the yard.
It looks like the Newsagent has been tipping his ash over the back wall again!

Another Class 03 for the Canada Street roster has made rapid progress this month. Based around the re-tooled Bachmann shell - which is excellent - the all-green loco
in as-delivered condition is for the early 1960s sequences on the layout.
The buffer beam cut-outs in the metal footplate casting have been filled with carefully sized 2mm plastic glued with epoxy.

The model has been renumbered as D.2019, but otherwise there has been very little work to do on the shell.

For the mechanism I’ve used the Branchlines kit again, with compensation added to the undriven axles.

The finished model has been lightly weathered and will appear in the opening sequence on Canada Street at the Wigan show.

The new Class 15 for the same sequence, D8202, has also received only a light dusting of grime.

The recent Shipley show gave an excuse for Diesel Brake Tender B964050 to get a run out on Hornsey Broadway.
The model was made some years ago using the whitemetal kit of the type.

Recently finished Class 08 ‘3298’ also featured on the layout in a filthy and faded condition typical of the type at the beginning of the rail blue era.

The other 08 OMWB has also been finished, 08 918 being in a similar neglected state, but with a fresh stripe of green for the TOPS number vinyls.

By way of contrast Class 73 73 122 is closer to an ex-works condition, and should be making a first appearance at the Tonbridge show next February.

Another new item for Wigan is an HGV for the early 1970s. This BRS Scania 110 is the Oxford Diecast model, with a little work on the glazing and rear lights.
The long crate load was put together from Slaters planked sheet



Grassed areas are now starting to be added on the layout with the age old method of using the remaining stock of old fluffy carpet underlay. It has been bleached,
washed, and after drying out, glued down with PVA, then tinted with the passing of an airbrush.

This is the boiler house for the furniture factory, a simple building built from 060” Styrene sheet, and overlayed with embossed plastic from South Eastern Finecast.
The roof is a Kibri product, whilst the single window is from the scraps box. The chimney is still to be colour toned.

Peco rail built buffer stops, have been used for the the end of track sections, these are adjusted to EM gauge after some minor surgery with a craft knife.



The cobbles are getting there! The foam board has been cut out for the opposite bank of the canal so more cobbles to come… along with some lock gates,
stop boards and a sluice. Lots to be getting on with…!

Another view of the quayside, with the Michigan 125 wheel loader ready for its next duty.



With the arrival of the new Colin Craig freightliner flats at Shenston Road, these older but heavily modified and detailed Hornby versions have now been transferred to the Hornsey fleet.
Built by Greg Brookes, these wagons were completely reconstructed underneath with brass trussing and other section detail. Cast whitemetal bogies add weight and provide smooth running.

Now host to some modified & detailed containers, with this pairing sitting well on the back of Pete Johnson's rake of 10 wagons. The boxes are modified from old Hornby 20' containers
with the smooth sides and ends printed on photograph paper, and framed with sections of plastic strip.

To finish off this month's early update, here's a few snaps taken at the Shipley exhibition by Pete Johnson.

5595 & D5641.

Hornsey Road depot.

Hornsey Tunnel.

Deltic 9012 Crepello.

Baby Deltic D5909.

Long Row.... This picture and the following by Steve Jordan.

Lonely van.

D6326 with inter-regional traffic.

BTH type 1 with departmental wagons.

Resting between duties.

HS4000 Kestrel.

Behind the scenes images, and a record of Hornsey Bdy's first outing to Shipley.



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