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25102 is held at the signals just north of the station with a freight bound for Healey Mills, as 47527 departs with a service to Bradford on the last leg of its journey from London.
Wibdenshaw appeared at 2 shows during May - Expo EM at Bracknell, and DEMU Showcase at Burton upon Trent.



Before the debut showing at York Class 08 D3988 was weathered to a typical early 1960s appearance. The loco was a solid performer in several of the show sequences.

The Friday before York and the load-up is in progress……Being able to avoid the complexities of a hire van make for lower travelling expenses for the layout.

This V-Dub is definitely ‘fully loaded’……in the original meaning of the phrase!!

Set up and ready to go, York 2015 - before doors opened on the Saturday morning.

The public reaction to the dockside scene was wonderful, and more than I’d ever imagined. Overall the layout and stock ran well, and it made for a very enjoyable first outing.

The icing on the cake was a visitor who had actually worked within the R&W Paul building many years ago – and was able to confirm the operation of the dockside unloading gantry.

As the show draws to a close, 03 069 shuffles a couple of scrap wagons in the closing ‘Birkenhead 1978’ sequence. Thank you for all the comments and feedback if you were at the show and spoke to the operating team – it is part of what we love about exhibiting layouts. Approaches were made by several other exhibitions up and down the country, so keep a check on the ‘Exhibitions’ section of the website for new dates being added.

With the layout tucked away until the Autumn, work has resumed on various rolling stock projects. Heljan Class 15 ‘D8202’ is being finished in 1961 condition to work with Barclay Class 01 ‘D2954’ at the Wigan show.

DTTHW #1 (doing things the hard way!) A second Class 15 (D8239) was bought as a bargain bare shell from the Heljan stand at the Warley show several years ago… is now being finished as an un-powered dummy to either double head with D8229, or form a scrapyard drag in the same sequence. A set of Alexander Models sideframe castings are being used to match D8229, fitted on Roxey sub-frames and Gibson wheelsets…..although I will admit to wondering whether buying a fully-finished Heljan model might have been easier!?

DTTHW #2…….A new Class 73/1 is also taking shape, combining pieces from an old Lima model and spares for the re-worked Hornby version. This view shows the footsteps and conduit added to the rather basic Lima bogie……of course the all-new Dapol model will probably have exquisite detail, and a fully functioning DCC arcing pick-up shoe, but my old-style modelling will better match 73 004 already in the Canada Street fleet…



Interior of the Heljan class 15 cab now fitted with crew members. I have removed and cut the drivers control pedestals upper sections, relocating the tops closer into the middle area of the cab where they should be instead of immediately behind the cab side walls as per the model straight out of the box.

Heljan Class 15 - D8236 (renumbered) on test through Lesney Park. Some weathering still to be done to finish it off.

A very recent purchase is this Hornby ex SR Bogie B for the parcels traffic. Weathering was done by both airbrush, and by hand brushing using Acrylic paints.

Rail built Buffer Stops from Peco.

For the far end of the layout, a Furniture Factory was always planned, and this building is now in the build progress. I have chosen to rely mainly on components from two of the same building kits from Walthers. An entire scratch build was also part of the plan, but finding a supply of enough suitable model windows is problematic to say the least, in my part of the world. The H0 scale structure therefore, is it. The model has had its height increased so that it will fit better into the 4mm scale scene. The goods dock and awning are made from scratch using plasticard materials.



It was a great pity to hear that the Stockport Show (May 9th/10th) had to be cancelled at such short notice and no doubt a huge disappointment to all the lads in the Stockport Club. This has meant a re-focussing on efforts with the layout to try and get the 03 completed in time for Halifax (September 26th/27th) and also getting the rolling stock suitably weathered.

Cosmetic work on the body of 03371 is now just about complete. The rear steps will be fitted after the glazing (Extreme Etchings Laserglaze) has been added – this being the next job. Transfers came from a combination of Fox and HMRS Methfix and have been placed to match contemporary photos of the loco as closely as possible.

I’ve also made a start on weathering the goods stock (Humbrol enamels). This pair of Vanwides is the Parkside kit, but with replacement buffers (Wizard/51L, I think), coupling hooks (Lanarkshire Models), and brake safety loops from brass wire. Weathering has mainly involved a wash of thinned ‘grime’ colour (Matt black and Leather, No 62), with the underframes being painted a similar mix of shades.

This pair of BR standard 12T box vans again uses the Parkside kit as a starting point. One has been modelled with a replacement plywood door, built up from styrene sheet. The underframes have been extensively re-worked using a combination of Mike Clark and ABS parts, whilst the wheels run in EMGS compensation units. The original chalk boards on the wagon ends were removed and new ones of the correct size were repositioned slightly lower down in what seems to have been the more usual location on these vans. Further embellishments include lamp irons (0.8mm brass wire filed flat) and vac pipes (more brass wire) on the headstocks, representations of the door catches and also the body-solebar mounting brackets.

This is a pretty straight build of the Parkside Pipe wagon, the only additions being the door springs from brass strip, vacuum pipes from brass wire and etched hooks (Ambis probably). Hopefully more progress to show next month.



I had a couple of hours by the lineside with Kier, and he snapped one of my favourites D1005 Western Venturer heading north from the station.

A quick trip over to BSC Shenston Road sees a class 40 about to depart with a train of steel coil. I've made a deliberate attempt with a pair of pliers on the rail to give that typical ropey siding look.

On the way back to the station we were fortunate to catch a glimpse of D5901 in charge of a Derby RTC train.

A closer look at D1005.


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