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Minicabs are go!.... with an urgent call for an airport pick-up. Showing at the Odeon this week are 'Carry On Up the Jungle' & 'The Railway Children'. Centre stage is the depot throat pointwork which intercepts with the branch line. As well as fuel oil and enparts for the depot, there are occasional small wagon trip freights serving local industries along the branch.

Meanwhile on the depot D1100 is being prepared for its next turn of duty, 1L34 being the Down Yorkshire Pullman.

You would be mistaken for thinking the layout is in an advanced stage of construction, but this January 2015 image shows little happening in the depot area.

The key to finalising the general track configuration is the throat pointwork and the potential to access each track relatively easy.

A general view of the loco depot and the pointwork under construction.

You'll always see it's copperclad if you look closely, but it's a compromise I'm happy to live with because of the size of the layout.

After trimming sleepers, ballasting and painting. There's still a bit of final weathering to do on the track, and some point detailing to add.

The layout has been wired for good old fashioned variable DC, and everything is documented for ease of reference and construction. The scissors crossover requires different sections to be polarised, using 2 X 4-pole relays, for operation with 2 separate controllers. Also showing underside of wired relay bases.



The latest project on my work bench is a Heljan Railbus which has been internaly detailed and populated..... and the wheels spread out to EM gauge.

Showing the model dismantled and painting of interior started.

A few legs chopped off later, looking something like this.

I've also been dabbling with this conversion - a Hornby Trout (3 discharge chutes) into a Mackerel with its lower bodysides and single discharge chute. Further details can be found on my RMweb work bench thread.



The making of a sign..…..Not letters for a ransom note, but for the Burton building! These little projects can usually be knocked up on the computer in next to no time, but a rummage through the spare transfers box found a couple of 30 year old sheets from Airfix ‘Prestwin’ kits with a suitable font. Because of their age the carrier film had turned cream, so I went with the flow and gave the 0.25mm plastic card sign a cream background.

The finished sign, cut out and fitted in position…..and then some geezer lent his bike against it!

Another finishing touch has been a few Seagulls. These have been shaped from 2mm white plastic, with 0,3 wire used for the legs and beaks..... One of the finished Seagulls takes in the view from the Downing building.

A detail view of cable drums left by the derelict Canada Street entrance gatehouse.

The trouble with picking-out bricks is once you start.....

..... several thousand bricks later, the end is finally in sight! I found that a grime tinted matt varnish worked well for giving varying tones within the same basic brick colour. The view looking up towards the wagon loader beneath the Downing bridge.

A closer look at the bridge reveals it's in a poor state.

Weathering of the waterside face of the building is now complete - this view can be compared with the real structure pictured in the update of a few months ago.

While the weathering paints were out the four Brush type 2s were completed. D5641 finished to a picture of it taken in 1971.

Oil stained 5595, also modelled to a picture taken during 1971.

Stratford’s 5501, finished with only light weathering. I find the added grime around the cab front features of Class 31s really brings them to life.

The last of the four, No. 5670, in a typical appearance for the early 1970s.

With most of the finishing touches done, test running has begun on the layout. The first power-up in over a year found 3 cracked solder joints between rails and sleepers causing dead sections, but otherwise things have gone well. In this view - re-creating the mid-1960s - a Class 03 shunts the yard while the driver’s Morris van looks on.

Later the same day the loco is pictured taking some vans down the branch into the docks.

Fast-forward a decade, and it is 1974 and Liverpool, where 02 003 is found working in the exchange sidings.

And green TOPS number 24 136 was seen stabled between turns in the yard.


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