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by Greg Brookes


Shenston Road is situated in the West Midlands, between Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

There is a large contingent of scratchbuilt and heavily modified rolling stock, which compliments the industrial landscape and steelworks, with outlying residential areas featured on other parts of the layout.

The layout is permanantly housed in a purpose built location, and was initially constructed by Greg Brookes and Paul James, with later scenery and buildings constructed by Kier Hardy.

A class 47 trundles through the station with a rake of pressflow wagons.

The M&B brewery forms a backdrop to the railway at this point, with a scattering of residential properties near the station.

The main gasworks structures have been positioned, and this view shows a brace of class 20s making their way down the branch from the steelworks, ready to join the main line.

The trackwork is SMP with copper-clad point construction, and underneath hidden storage sidings which allows a larger area for scenic features.