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by Tony Wood, Pete Johnson & Ian Manderson


The Brewery layout was built for the 2002 DEMU small layout competition, that among other things stipulated that it must not exceed an area of 654sq ins and have at least one working turnout. The track plan was arrived at using some copper-clad built points that we already had in stock, with a traverser to save space and for access to the grain unloading shed.

We chose to model a Brewery as we like beer! Such a prototype would also allow industrial buildings and a variety of wagon types. The wagons that can be seen are opens, vans, coal, grain and the odd internal user. The buildings are from the HO scale Walthers meat packing warehouse kit.

The baseboard is built as a single unit with legs that plug into pockets underneath. The layout gives a chance to show a varied display of shunters and wagon types some which are scratchbuilt. We wanted to build a layout that would be of use beyond the competition and be interesting to operate too, and as such it has exceeded the original design brief.

Developments since the original build have concentrated on adding a low-relief building to replace the paper back-scene at that point.

Photographs by Ian Manderson